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Doncaster Veterinary Hospital
1037 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster East
VIC 3109

03 9842 5330
03 9842 3279

At Doncaster Veterinary Hospital our team of vets and nurses can assist you with a wide range of healthcare services for your pets. We advise yearly check-ups and vaccinations for all pets. Veterinary consultations are available by appointment 7 days a week to make this as convenient as possible.

We have three well sized consulting rooms and a large, bright, modern reception area. The nurses at reception are well trained to assist you with general health queries, flea/worming treatments, nutritional advice, appointments or surgery bookings.

The hospital is fully air conditioned to provide clean and comfortable conditions for clients, patients and staff. 


Services available 

A full range of services are available on site at DVH, enabling nearly all of the regular medical and surgical procedures likely to be needed.

- General anesthesia

- Xrays

- Endoscopy

- Surgery of most types (routine desexing, accidents, cancer removal, abdominal, etc)

- Comprehensive in-house laboratory for diagnostic testing


- Hi speed dental equipment

- Blood pressure measurement

- Hospitalisation facilities for sick animals, or those having routine surgery. Easily maintained stainless steel facilities are heated and cooled, separate for dogs and cats, and sufficient for large dogs.

- Fully computerised medical and financial records

- Extensive pharmacy for medications required

- A large range of premium pet foods and prescription diets


Preventative Health Care 

Regular check-ups and yearly vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet healthy.

We provide a thorough health check of your pet at each vaccination and encourage pet owners to protect their pet against parasites including; heartworm, intestinal worms, fleas and ticks.


Hospital Facilities 

Our individual dog and cat rooms, and large animal runs allow patients to recover in a comfortable environment. All pens are larger than regulation size to allow your pets to feel right at home during their hospital stay. All rooms are climate controlled with ducted heating and cooling, and comfortable dry-bed bedding is provided.



The hospital provides a wide range of surgical procedures including routine desexing, internal and skin cancer treatments, soft tissue and orthopaedic repairs.

For more complex cases we refer to a variety of specialists in Melbourne. As with human hospitals all our surgical procedures are performed in a sterile environment and all instruments are autoclaved to ensure sterility. 

The safest gaseous anesthetics are used and are constantly monitored by qualified and trained nursing staff.



Xray facilities are available at the hospital to aid in the diagnosis of a range of illnesses and injuries. On site, automatic processing facilities mean quick results and less hassle for patients and their owners. Endoscopic examinations are also performed on site.



In-house pathology is available at the hospital providing us with fast and accurate results for a variety of blood tests. Pre-anesthetic profiles are offered to all patients undergoing surgery and are recommended for all animals over 10 years of age.

These tests provide us with information about your pet's kidneys and liver function, enabling us to diagnose conditions such as diabetes, check for low protein levels, anemia, and signs of infection.


Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschools are run at the hospital. Classes are available for pups between 8-16 weeks of age, provided they have had at least their first vaccination. A series of 4 classes will teach your pup socialisation skills and basic obedience training which are vital for pups of this age. Click Here to find out more.