Puppy Preschool

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Being a new puppy parent can be daunting. Our aim is to offer the best possible teaching environment for your puppy, which is achieved by using positive reinforcement

Our Puppy Pre-School offers a dedicated approach to understanding and managing the demands of a new puppy in the family. During class time, the puppies are given opportunities to interact appropriately with other dogs and build confidence. These important lessons are best learnt to prepare a puppy for a happy life with less chance of fear, anxiety, barking problems or aggression. 

Elonnah and Elicia are qualified Veterinary Nurses, with vast experience in animal behaviour. They only use positive reinforcement techniques and their classes are filled with treats, toys and lots of puppy love. 

Class sizes are limited to allow easy learning and maximum play time, all within a controlled environment. Sessions run from 8pm-9pm on Tuesday nights, over 4 weeks. Additional classes may be scheduled in times of increased demand. 

Over the 4 weeks you will be given the basic tools on how to manage the main problem behaviours many puppy parents face. Our puppy preschool classes cover:

  • toilet training your new puppy
  • is your new puppy biting?
  • nutrition - what best to feed your new pup
  • desexing - when & why to desex your puppy
  • basic dog obedience training
  • loose lead walking
  • desensitisation
  • motivational play

Puppies aged 8 weeks and over are invited to join our puppy training classes.

Classes run for 4 weeks, Tuesday nights 8-9pm

If you would like to book a place for your puppy, find out when our next class is starting, or ask us any questions, please contact our friendly nursing staff today.